Microfibre Towel Ponchos

Towel ponchos to keep all watersports enthusiasts warm and dry

Microfibre Towel ponchos are everything that towels are not!

The battle of holding up your towel with one hand, while changing into or out of your swimwear is over! Forget having to apologise to the public eye for baring all as your towel unwraps! Instead, leave that old towel at home and show off your Wind Water Waves Towel Poncho!

Discreet & Easy Changing – Our thick microfiber ponchos make changing in and out of your swimwear a breeze. However, the breeze won’t be felt, because you will be kept warm and dry!

Warm & Cosy – Forget chattering teeth, our towel ponchos will keep you warm & cosy while facing the elements.

Ultra Absorbent – Our high quality towel ponchos boast a super absorbent quality. Perfect for daily use at the beach or swimming pool!

One size fits most – Our towel ponchos are made to fit loosely and will therefore fit most wearers.

Unisex – Our towel ponchos are available in various colours and styles to suit everyone’s taste!

Stylish – This point is pretty obvious.


  • Over-sized hood to ensure maximum sun protection for your face
  • Wide sleeves for comfort and easy changing access
  • Loose fitting to allow for changing underneath
  • Machine washable, Fade resistant & Bleach resistant
Towel Poncho

Our Latest Addition

These Fashion Masks comprise of 3 layers and are made of Poly-cotton with a Spunbond inner filter .

These masks act as an extra form of protection and will remind you to stop touching your face, however they will not protect you against COVID-19. They will reduce risk and exposure to infectious diseases or viruses. In order to further reduce risk of infection, you will need to practice social distancing and follow strict hygiene protocols.

These masks should be worn for short periods of time (going to the grocery store, pharmacy or bank).

Immediately after use, wash mask with warm soapy water and dry in the sun. If worn for too long, mask can become unhygienic, as breathing, coughing and sneezing can moisten the fabric.

Medical-grade masks should be worn if you are exposed to people who have the virus or other contagious diseases, or if you are infected with the virus.