About Wind Water Waves

Wind, water & waves – All one needs for fun, fitness and health!


But dont forget your towel poncho at home!


Established in 2016, Wind Water Waves based in Cape Town, South Africa is an online shop for towel ponchos and latest addition of caps.

A popular water sports destination for all water lovers – Cape Town welcomes thousands of friendly foreigners and fellow South Africans every year to have a ball on it’s beaches and a splash in it’s waters!

However, seeing all these water lovers shivering on our beaches, we saw a need to produce a quality local product to keep all warm and dry!

Our towel ponchos are made from microfiber – perfect for drying off after a surf or swim and practical to change underneath.

Join the hype and get your own towel poncho today!

We also stock Pigmented Dyed Cotton Twill Caps in various colors.

And our latest addition of Fashion Masks to cover your face for protection against exposure to infectious diseases or viruses