Water Warrior

$ 61.53

Release your inner “Water Warrior”!

Summon your inner ‘Water Warrior’ with this towel poncho.

Featuring a water camo logo and diagonal design, this poncho will leave you feeling ready to face the elements.

Available in a few different colour combinations, this poncho is perfect for male and female water lovers.

T=Top B=Bottom S=Side

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Weight 1 kg

T: Grey B: Navy S: Black, T: Navy B: Grey S: Black, T: Black B: Navy S: Grey, T: Grey B: Turquoise S: Black, T: Turquoise B: Grey S: Black, T: Black B: Turquoise S: Grey, T: Grey B: Black S: Pink, T: Pink B: Black S: Grey, T: Black B: Grey S: Pink